Is your router helping hackers?

Does your router still have the default password on it? If it does, you could be aiding hackers around the world. They can use your router as a bot that can be used for malicious attacks. It is a good idea to put a strong password on your router.

What makes a strong password? Length, complexity and the use of non-dictionary words (in any language). It used to be recommended to use 8 characters for your password. With the speed of computers today, 8 characters can easily be hacked. If possible use a minimum of 10 characters, 15 or more is better. Windows can handle passwords up to 127 characters long! How do you remember such a long complex password? Turn it into a phrase that you can remember. Use the first letter of every word and substitute numbers in wherever you can. For example:

My favorite city to travel to is Las Vegas in the Summer time. I like it Hot! = Mfc2ttiLVitSt.IliH!

As with any password, protect it, protect it, protect it. Do not write it down on a sticky note and attach it to the router or computer.

If you have any questions about your setup, passwords, or any other computer question, give us a call at 630-552-9710.

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